The Genesis Projects

These are core semi-stealth projects that are directly related to our long term mission.
  • The Grid

    The Grid project is a vision for the next generation of Internet standards and technologies. The Grid addresses the current big problems with The Web, both at data, protocol and architecture levels.

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  • Nanosai

    The goal is to create a plug'n play realtime data intelligence eco system which is very easy to use, supports a wide variety of data intelligence use cases, and has high performance and scalability.

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  • The Zaikuchain Project

    The advent of the blockchain as a viable architecture for distributed forms of currency, requiring no third-party intermediaries, has brought new security challenges.

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  • The Brainstrust Project

    With organisations increasingly under pressure to be digital first and unlock the value of data, secure processing and confidentiality of sensitive information is an ever-increasing priority.

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Genesis Target Industries

We are excited to ethically disrupt the industries below leveraging some of the most advanced fields of Mathematics and Computer Science including; Algebraic Topology, Homological Algebra, Algorithmic Game Theory, Homomorphic Encryption, Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Neuromorphic Computing.

  • Financial Services
    Financial Services
  • Government
  • Property Development
    Internet of Things
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
    Autonomous Vehicles
  • Hospitality
    Smart Cities
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Open for collaboration with academics and technical entrepreneurs around the world.

We are very excited to partner with visionary technical entrepreneurs and academic researchers around the world with ambition to co - create disruptive commercial ventures.