About Us

Zaiku Group is a deep tech Venture Development Organisation (VDO) formed in August 2016 as a pivot from an enterprise cloud consulting startup (Worpcloud). The initial model was to partner (via Knowledge Transfer Network) with UK based academic researchers in areas such as; Cybersecurity, AI and Big Data, in order to develop commercially viable and ethical tech driven products that can be spun out as independent ventures.

We’re now an international network (largely stealth) of researchers, technical entrepreneurs and industry operators on a mission to create new industries and reinvent old ones. We aim to bring together the world`s most talented Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, Physicists and Industry Experts to help fulfil the mission.

Our brand name is inspired from Japanese Yosegi Zaiku and we also offer specialist Big Data consulting to public sector organisations and large enterprises through our G - Cloud consulting arm Zaikucloud .

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Core Topics

At Zaiku Group we do things differently by exploring the connections between subjects that on the surface look far apart, but could have a huge potential impact when connected.

Distributed Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Homomorphic Encryption
Algebraic Topology
Mathematical Analysis
Quantum Algorithms

Target Industries

We are excited to bring new data driven and valuable insights into old and emerging industries leveraging some of the most advanced fields of Mathematics and Computer Science.

White Papers

Financial Services



Autonomous Vehicles

Internet of Things

Genesis Projects

The genesis projects are a small number of stealth internal projects aimed at transforming old industries and creating new ones powered by artificial intelligence systems.

Kähler AI Nanosai

Founding Team


Bambordé Baldé

Co - Founder


Bambordé Baldé

Bambordé is our quant lead with a wide range of industry interests including Stream Processing and Big Data Analytics on public cloud environments (AWS in particular). He is also keen to build new connections between Computer Science topics such as Quantum Computing & AI with abstract Mathematical Theories such as Algebraic Topology.

Bambordé is also fluent in 6 languages, played amateur and semi - professional football (aka soccer if you are north american) till his late teenage years.

Liam Shore

Co - Founder


Liam Shore

Liam is our Computer Network Security lead and PhD Researcher in the field of Computer Science, specifically in the domain of Cyber Security, with a primary research focus on Distributed Systems such as; Blockchain, Multi-Agent Systems and the Internet of Things. Research interests include; Homomorphic Encryption, Algorithmic Game Theory, Distributed Computing, Distributed Data Mining, Distributed Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Critical Infrastructure Protection and mHealth/eHealth.


Jakob Jenkov

Technical Partner


Jakob Jenkov

Jakob is our expert in high performance distributed data store and streaming. A Java specialist with 17+ years of experience in distributed systems like web apps, SOA systems, data streaming etc.

We co-founded quite few ongoing projects with Jakob including our recent joint venture spin out Nanosai. Additionally, Jakob is also the founder and CEO of Jenkov Aps, the publisher behind one of the most popular java tutorials site on the web.

Kevin Murphy

Angel Investor


Kevin Murphy

Kevin has been with us since the early days back in 2014 when our founders Bambordé and Liam were just starting Zaiku Group`s previous life as an enterprise cloud consulting startup Worpcloud.

Before our company, Kevin has previously invested in technology stocks in Scandinavian companies such as F - Secure and he is also an avid Art Curator, Specialising in Art investment.

Research Collaboration

Are you an Academic Researcher or someone representing Academia? If yes, please feel free to complete this quick (less than 1 minute) Collaboration Form. We`ll follow up with you asap.

We are flexible to explore different collaboration models with Researchers that takes into account their unique circumstances and research activities. One typical approach for UK based Researchers is a joint Innovation Research bid for government backed schemes such as Innovate UK and while the UK in the EU, we also explore EU wide schemes such as Horizon2020.

For EU based Researchers, we are currently in process of formally incorporating an EU entity to enable us to continue accessing EU research support and expand our Academic partnership across the EU after Brexit.

First of all you will be part of a new deep research driven startup foundry operating model that has never been done before. Second you will be part of a vibrant international and diverse network of Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Software Geeks. Additionally, you will benefit from the following:
  1. Support letters whenever bidding for research grant.
  2. Research profile highlights through our upcoming meet the academics talk events.
  3. Research grant sponsorship from our company when we raise the Genesis I Fund.
  4. Stock options in our commercial spin outs.
The short answer is as long as needed provided both parties agree. However typically our collaboration scheme happens in batches of specific projects that can go up to 18 months.
The founding principle of Zaiku Group`s research strategy is to bring together research topics across multiple fields of Mathematic and Computer Science. However we are always open minded with research collaboration outside these two fields.