Who Are We?

Zaiku Group is a collaborative UK-based commercial R&D foundry venture, with our research-arm focusing on solutions to deep-tech problems and our development-arm being the vehicle to propagate any emergent solutions.

We aim to be at the forefront of the next-generation of computing innovations and apply what we learn to reinvent existing industries, perhaps even invent new ones! Our commercial R&D interests span the following topics; Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Applications, Distributed Algorithms, and Homomorphic Encryption.

The unique modus operandi of our company is that of a cooperative syndicate of individual researchers & engineers working as a group in a collaborative manner to bring about game changing innovations. Furthermore, we welcome collaborations with universities and research institutions that strategically align with our key research objectives. Our cyclical model provides long-term sustainability due to our research-development-research closed-loop ecosystem.

Our research-led approach is influenced heavily by our in-house expertise in advanced computer science and mathematics, with the research always aiming to provide a net benefit to the community. This is all enacted by being highly applied with an end-user and a public/private sector partner in mind.

The commercial development-arm of our venture always embarks upon development projects with key organisations like the NHS so as to establish any technical solutions that has been tailored for the public sector to be implemented in a live public sector environment. In terms of research developed that is best propagated via the private sector, we devise a route to market roadmap with a sustainable long-term business model that’ll be incorporated into a spinout SME involving the relevant partners. Also, we like working on stealth projects until we are ready to share tangible ground-breaking results rather than making noise about incremental results like many VC backed deep-tech companies do.

Our brand name derives from Japanese puzzle box Yosegi-Zaiku which our founders came across whilst travelling and exploring ancient Japanese culture.


At Zaiku, mathematics plays an important role in what we do. We aim to build bridges between advanced branches of pure mathematics and applied topics. As such, we bring concepts from many branches of pure mathematics into our projects, including; Abstract Algebra, Differential Geometry, Complex Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Functional Analysis, and Measure Theory.

Are you a researcher in mathematics and looking for an opportunity to make impact across diverse industries? Please do get in touch with us!

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