Building Deep-Tech Value

Privacy-Preserving AI

Zaiku Homology is a stealth spinout company of Zaiku Group’s commercial R&D division. The company's mission is to help democratise access to privacy-centric AI technologies through a novel fusion of advanced branches of pure mathematics and artificial intelligence.

We may release white papers and open-source tools in the future outlining some of the mathematical novelty used to build our platform.

Zaiku Homology Website

Zaiku Homology Quantization Attempt

The initial idea is to explore whether Noisy Intermediary Scale Quantum (NISQ) hardware could create a useful quantum advantage for the Zaiku Homology platform. Eventually, we plan utilize Zaiku Homology to create quantum software tools that other companies can leverage.

The project name 'Sakurai' was inspired by the author of the great book 'Modern Quantum Mechanics' - J.J. Sakurai."

Sakurai Website

Hunting for Practical Quantum Algorithms

We're hunting for novel quantum algorithms that have the potential to provide non-trivial quantum advantage, not just for NISQ era hardware, but also in anticipation of when fault-tolerant quantum computers become a reality. We're interested in algorithms that span a wide range of use cases and industries, including; finance, drug discovery and material science.

Zaiku Microsystems Website