$$A\otimes R \otimes B \;\rightrightarrows\; A\otimes B$$

$$\langle0| \phi_{i_1}(f_{1})\ldots\phi_{i_n}(f_{n})|0\rangle$$

Helping Build In-House Capabilities

We aim to widen access to advanced mathematical expertise and data science capabilities in order to provide clients with the ability to leverage the power of advanced mathematics. This is to avoid the issues involving the hurdles of recruiting an in-house team of mathematicians for a short time, whilst upskilling the current in-house team with a tailored training program.

Our technical data-driven consulting activities also include working with UK public sector organisations (NHS etc) on digital transformation programmes around the adoption of cloud technologies via the G-Cloud Framework.

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Access to Deep-Tech Talent

We’ve built a consortium of talented professionals in mathematics and data engineering across Europe and the US who are experienced in solving problems using techniques from diverse fields. These individuals draw upon extensive research experience from both academia & industry, with more than 70% of the consultants in our deep-tech consortium having PhDs in Mathematics or Computer Science.

Security & Intellectual Property Safeguards

We conduct extensive due diligence and background checks before recruiting our consultants. This is in order to protect against industrial espionage and other threats against our clients.

Additionally, in terms of our R&D augmentation services, we do not publicly advertise who our clients are and what capabilities we helped them to build, thereby ensuring that our engagement & work is 100% confidential.